Motorola Razr+ Review: My New Favorite Foldable

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The Motorola Razr+ is the latest addition to the foldable smartphone market, offering a unique blend of style, nostalgia, and modern technology. With its iconic flip phone design and a range of impressive features, it has quickly become my new favorite foldable device. We’ll dive into its availability, design, display, hardware, software, camera capabilities, battery life, competition, and help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Availability and Network:

The Motorola Razr+ is available through select carriers and online retailers, offering compatibility with various network providers. Its 5G connectivity ensures fast and reliable data speeds, allowing you to take full advantage of the latest network capabilities.

Design and Display:

The Razr+ pays homage to the classic Razr flip phone, featuring a sleek and compact design. The foldable form factor allows it to easily fit in your pocket while providing a large 6.7-inch foldable OLED display when unfolded. The external Quick View display lets you quickly glance at notifications, control media playback, and access essential functions without opening the device.

Other Hardware and What’s in the Box:

Inside the box, you’ll find the Razr+ smartphone, a charger, a USB-C cable, and a set of earphones. The device is equipped with a capable processor, ample RAM, and sufficient storage to handle your daily tasks and multimedia needs. It features a reliable fingerprint sensor for secure unlocking and NFC for contactless payments.

Software and Performance:

The Razr+ runs on the latest Android operating system, providing a clean and intuitive user interface. Motorola has added some useful software features to enhance the foldable experience, such as Flex Mode, which allows for unique multitasking capabilities when the device is partially folded. The device delivers smooth performance and seamless app transitions, thanks to its optimized software and powerful hardware configuration.


The Razr+ boasts an impressive camera setup, featuring a high-resolution primary camera and a capable selfie camera. The main camera captures detailed and vibrant photos, while the selfie camera excels in producing sharp and well-exposed selfies. The device also supports various camera modes and features, allowing you to explore your creativity and capture memorable moments.

Battery Life:

With its efficient battery management and optimized software, the Razr+ offers respectable battery life for a foldable device. The device can easily last through a full day of moderate usage, thanks to its adequately sized battery and power-saving features. Quick charging capabilities ensure that you can get back to using the device quickly.


In the competitive foldable smartphone market, the Motorola Razr+ faces competition from other notable devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and the Huawei Mate X. Each device offers its unique set of features and design elements.

Should You Buy It?

If you appreciate the nostalgia of the classic Razr flip phone and desire a foldable device that combines style with modern technology, the Motorola Razr+ is a compelling choice. Its sleek design, impressive display, capable hardware, and optimized software make it a standout in the foldable smartphone market. It’s crucial to consider your budget and evaluate other alternatives before making a final decision.

Tthe decision to purchase the Motorola Razr+ should be based on your individual preferences, budget, and needs. If the unique foldable design and innovative features resonate with you, it’s definitely worth considering as your next smartphone.

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